**Highly suggest to play on Firefox, or you can download from the bottom of this page**

"Is your mind a safe space?
Sometimes, my mind is a battlefield."

RainbowJam 2018 entry by @yongminparks


Saturday Night Mindful Drift is a Top-down, Bullet hell, driving shooter in a closed space, surrounded by the walls. The walls of your mind. Ride on your mind avatar coupé. Drive through dangers. Fight back against your inner demons with your trusty needle-sharp motor gun built on the car hood.

It is developed with Godot for two-week-long game jam, Rainbow Jam 2018, and shamelessly submitted without any audio resources.

The theme of the jam is 'Safe Space'.


  • Arrow Keys: Drive
  • X (Xbox X): Shoot
  • holding Z (Xbox A): Glide-Drift


  • Glide-Drift(Z key) lets you:
    • Aim freely while you maintain the direction and speed.
    • Rotate faster and turn with a sharp angle.


  • "04B_08" by 04
  • "Newsgeek" and "VGA Typewriter" by Void


Saturday_Night_Mindful_Drift_mac.dmg 27 MB
Saturday_Night_Mindful_Drift_win.zip 11 MB


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Good game but right when i die and respawn,the screen gets stuck and i have to reload the page!