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The graphics on this game are amazing. I love the 1-bit art with the red, and the chromatic aberration w/ screenshake whenever the needle dashes, and all the moody 2d lighting effects you've got going on too. 

I haven't seen any gameplay past the second stage (the train) it infinite at the moment, or am I just not good enough to beat it?

In any case, this game is really great, can't wait to see future iterations!

The game wont start :(

The screen is black and there is music playing but nothing else.

it was really hard to play on Mac since I don't use a mouse

The idea is great and I really enjoyed  the gameplay, the mechanic reminds me Yondu's arrow from Marver and the style is just amazing and close to Downwell's! Great game.

Hello, I made a video of your game, losing my sanity a bit, but still enjpyed it haha would love to see more :P

Sorry to say it but camera in the trailer is making me sick :/ 


great game, looking forward to the expanded version!


The game is soo cool^^
It was really fun to play

I quite enjoyed your entry into the GMTK Game Jam. The twinstick style gameplay was really interesting, and so I am curious if you plan to develop this any further? I ask because I would like to try expand on this game, but only if that is okay with you?

Sorry I'm planning to develop this further as a full project. Glad you liked it. Thanks for the comment :)

Had a blast! Simple, elegant, and still full of nuance (you can for example do high damage combos by going back and forth).

That's a neat idea. Thanks for a suggestion.