A downloadable game for Windows and macOS


Windows laptop players,

There is a frame rate issue with the Battery Saver on Windows laptops.

Consider playing the game while your laptop is connected to a charger.


Needlesong is a twin stick shooter with a mind-controlled needle.

Art, Design, Programming by Yongmin Park

Soundtracks by Corvus Prudens

Initally made for GMTK Jam 2019.

GMTK Jam 2019 theme: 'Only one'

Rate here on the submission page

You have only one weapon.

The flying needle.

One projectile, one bullet.

But you can control it with your mind.

Just like Yondu Udonta in the Guardians of the Galaxy series.


  • Xbox Controller
    • Movement: Left Stick
    • To control the needle: Right Stick
    • Attack: (While controlling the needle) Right Trigger
  • Keyboard & Mouse
    • Movement: WASD
    • To control the needle: Hold Right Click and move
    • Attack: (While controlling the needle) Left Click


Needlesong_win.zip 15 MB
Needlesong_mac.zip 16 MB


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Sorry to say it but camera in the trailer is making me sick :/ 


great game, looking forward to the expanded version!


Very fun! Perhaps add some mechanic to encourage keeping the needle out, such as increasing damage with multiple hits or adding air time by hitting enemies?


The game is soo cool^^
It was really fun to play

I quite enjoyed your entry into the GMTK Game Jam. The twinstick style gameplay was really interesting, and so I am curious if you plan to develop this any further? I ask because I would like to try expand on this game, but only if that is okay with you?

Sorry I'm planning to develop this further as a full project. Glad you liked it. Thanks for the comment :)

Had a blast! Simple, elegant, and still full of nuance (you can for example do high damage combos by going back and forth).

That's a neat idea. Thanks for a suggestion.