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Very nice! I would expect this to make some good purchase sales on Steam at a small price tag.

So cool, nice job!

An interesting take on Devil Daggers. We enjoyed it very much.

Short and fun. The teleporting spear is a fun adition.

short and horrible((JUST KIDDING) souper fawn

Interesting - really interesting. Of course, it reminds me DevilDagger (and my project Abaddon - available on The big problem which I noticed is the main gameplay. I don't like controls which we have to use for shot - unusual and frustrating. The main aesthetic is oppressive and weird/creepy and it fits with the gameplay. There is a big amount of work on the monsters - amazing. Thank you for this game. I wish you the best developing your project ++

Watch 7DFPS jam 2018 | Blinkspear from Tiger_J on


Great stream. I watched the clip, and I was glad when you finally got used to the gameplay and started to enjoy it. Thanks for streaming 7DFPS games, including mine!

Cool game, man! I felt I would prefer if there wasn´t the aiming part, just throwing with left and teleporting with right, having to press right to aim felt a little clunky in the begining for me to adapt, but I liked the concept, it's something that was on my mind since FFXV, glad to see someone making it.

Does FFXV have this throw & teleport mechanic? I didn't play it, but it would be really nice to check if there is a similar concept exists in that game.

It does! Its called "warping" or "warp strike" I believe.