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Very fun gameplay, fun to play. Clown kids and artstyle was enjoyable to look at.

why is up arrow key not jump? the controls are really uncomfortable. there's a lot of potential, but...

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I hate upper arrow jumps. Jump is an action rather than a direction. Also having a separate jump button is more conventional to the platformer genre.

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I understand. To each their own, I'm just personally not comfortable with the controls. 

I'm definitaly thinking about allocating upper arrow for jump if the game isn't gonna have upper aiming or climbing ladders, etc.

I like this game a lot. I feel that this could be fleshed out extremly well, like a hard mode, whenever you jump the disc pull happens.

This is very addicting. I managed to make a strategy for the final level after so many tries! I love the design of the enemies, you can feel the tension and fear haha. The babies and clown design made me remember the NES game Mendel Palace. The enemies there scared me as a kid because of their difficulty and their design. Works effectively!

love love love everything about how this feels! so squishy and the squish is a whole load of blood ^^ thank you for creating it!

made it